The Mobile Bread House and mobile oven (2012-2013)

The Mobile Bread House and mobile oven (2012-2013)


With the belief that wood-fired ovens can again serve as unique focal points of unity in neighborhoods around the world, Nadezhda first experimented by building a mobile wood-fired oven part of what she envisioned as a Mobile Bread House.

In 2012-2013, Nadezhda and a volunteer team of a designer from Pratt Institute, New York, and architects from Harvard University, with the financial support of Princeton University and the local Princeton artist Pete Abrams, created the Mobile Bread House (MBH). Built on a trailer out of recycled shipping palettes, the MBH houses also a special custom-made dirt press for creating dirt/mud bricks that could be used for building community ovens in different neighborhoods.

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